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Can the semi-permanent make-up or cosmetic tattoo camouflage any type of scars, including eyelid marks? How does this treatment act upon such skin imperfections?

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The semi permanent make-up is a good way to improve your looks and save time and money. It is also called micropigmentation and it involves a similar process to that of tattooing, the only difference being that the pigments are injected at a shallower depth, penetrating only the upper layers of the skin. Moreover, the pigments are generally made of pure, inorganic minerals that are hypoallergenic, emollient-free and fragrance-free. The color, in most cases, fades away in 2 to 5 years, but this also depends on various factors such as: general health, skin care, exposure to the sun and individual body chemistry.
The benefits of the semi-permanent make-up or semi permanent cosmetic tattoo process are numerous and have improved the life of many people, mostly for women who need to spend less time worrying about how they look, as the procedures involves: a wide range of eyeshadows to choose from, lip coloring for thin or pale lips that gives the effect of fuller and more appealing lips, eyeliner and of course super defined eyebrows. The advantages of the semi-permanent make-up are numerous: totally water-proof make-up, no more make-up in your handbag, no smudging or running make-up on rainy days, no need to wake up early just to apply the make-up, no need for touch-ups several times a day, not to mention the money you save, and the list goes on.
Concerning fine marks or scars on the eyelid, the semi permanent make-up or semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo is an ideal solution, as the colors used will perfectly blend in with your skin tone, ensuring a perfect scar camouflage effect that will last for a long period of time, as mentioned above. Not to mention that you won't need to undergo more invasive procedures for scar cover-up or removal, given the high sensitivity of the eyelids.
If you want to book a consultation with a qualified specialist, feel free to contact our Renew Skin and Health Head Office at 01926 422 454 and let us help you get rid of any unaesthetic marks you may present, boost your self-confidence and feel better all day every day. Our cosmetic specialist is fully qualified in the semi-permanent make-up or semi permanent cosmetic tattoo treatment, being thus able to match your expectations in terms of final cosmetic results.

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