If you are suffering from small forms of unaesthetic conditions, Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s our cosmetic specialist puts at your disposal a solution for all the bothersome imperfections you don’t want to see or deal with anymore. People in Rugby now have the opportunity to try out a revolutionary solution of the medical arts which is the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo for aesthetical issues. Depending on what your wish is, using this form of practice, Renew Skin & Health Clinic helps you get a younger appearance, a constant beautiful look, with effective solution for hair simulation, scar camouflage and post-surgery repigmentation of the tissue.

The semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo is sometimes called permanent cosmetic tattoo due to its extended effects that last for about two to five years, depending on the retouched area, your skin type and lifestyle. The process of this special cosmetic tattoo technique can be seen as a procedure used to create a semi-permanent make-up or micropigmentation. Simply described, particles of colored inorganic pigments are placed mechanically in the thin surface of the skin. In this case, if people from Rugby want more younger and aligned features of the face they can do changes like thickening and shaping of the eyebrows, contour of the eyelids with the eyeliner effect, thickening of the eyelashes, lips and lip line enhancement, coloring and contouring.

The benefits of the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo consist, among others, in making your face look more appealing, with a balanced shape and size features. Micropigmentation is recommended if you want a more attractive look, a natural-appearing face, which looks fresh and beautiful even in the early mornings. For the very active and busy people, not having to worry anymore about putting your make-up on in the morning and still look stunningly beautiful later on in the day is a real life saver, giving you time for more urgent activities.

More than this, Renew Skin & Health Clinic, together with the help of our cosmetic specialist, our specialist in semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo and semi permanent make-up, can go beyond helping you with facial aesthetics. In case you have scars that you wish to cover, the semi-permanent micropigmentation is ideal to mask those imperfections by giving a balanced shade of color where you most need it, to cover the visible color differences or skin textures. Plus, if your problem is related to hair loss caused by chemotherapy, alopecia, unsuccessful hair transplant or various accidents, the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo makes wonders in hair simulation, imprinting your scalp skin the exact color of your natural hair. Above all this, micropigmentation can help you in case you had had a mastectomy or breast reconstructive surgery and you want to improve your new breasts’ appearance by applying pigments for your areola or a 3D nipple tattooing. There are some tricks that only the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo can ensure in order to help you boost your self-confidence and make you smile knowing that you’re beautiful. Moreover, in case you are allergic to most of the make-up cosmetics, the semi-permanent make-up procedure consists in applying inorganic, fragrance free, hypoallergenic and emollient free pigment minerals into the skin, providing you with an impeccable, smudge-free make-up 24/7.

People in Rugby who are willing to try this revolutionary way of improving their lives which is the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo or semi permanent make-up, are welcome by our cosmetic specialist at Renew Skin & Health Clinic to get a micropigmentation treatment in order to receive a beautiful face, with well-defined eyelines and lip lines and body skin with no complications and imperfections. Feel free to call our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office on 01926 422 454 to book a consultation during which one of our specialists will provide you with all the necessary information.