Rosacea is a common skin condition that manifests through redness and slightly visible capillaries or blood vessels on the face, with potential small red bumps. Although harmless, rosacea is chronic and there are periods of flares when redness is intensified, after which it goes into remission. Commonly affecting the central part of the face, especially the nose and upper cheeks, rosacea can become bothersome and embarrassing. People in Northampton suffering from rosacea should know that at Renew Skin & Health Clinic they can benefit from a highly effective, non-surgical treatment for rosacea removal with the help of the R-IPL treatment.

Prior to the Rhodamine IPL rosacea removal treatment in Northampton, our specialists will ask you to undergo a specialized consultation during which your skin condition will be examined for an accurate diagnosis, but your medical history and current health condition will also be assessed to determine if you are indeed a suitable candidate for the R-IPL rosacea removal treatment in Northampton.

The R-IPL or Rhodamine IPL (Intense Pulse Light) therapy is more advanced and highly specific IPL technology, being actually more effective in the treatment of rosacea and other such superficial vascular skin conditions. Specially developed for such skin colorations, the new R-IPL system was optimized for wavelengths ranging from 550 to 650 nm, at which the chromophore in the skin has the greatest absorption rate. Comparable to the technology behind the pulse dye lasers, the R-IPL rosacea treatment in Northampton uses a rhodamine fluorescence substance as a lasing medium that can absorb wavelengths in the UV spectrum of up to 550 nm and re-emit them in a range between 550 and 650 nm, losing no energy during the transformation, and thus increasing energy efficiency and performance effect on hemoglobin chromophore.

The R-IPL rosacea removal treatment in Northampton usually requires 3 to 6 sessions, with a three-week break between sessions. Renew Skin & Health Clinic is among the few centres in the UK offering this non-surgical, minimally invasive, painless and minimally scarring treatment for rosacea removal.

Contact our Head Office in Leamington Spa and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to find out more about the R-IPL rosacea treatment in Northampton and be able to take an informed decision. This could finally be your solution to get rid of the unaesthetic facial redness you’ve been suffering from for so many years.