Even if these skin tags do not represent any harm, they are annoying, and especially on eyelids, they can make you feel self-conscious about them in front of other people. Therefore, At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, Dr. Jha gives the best advice and treatment suitable for each patient, being there throughout the whole process, in order to restore people’s self-esteem with the help of our professional cosmetic treatments. We eliminate the unwanted eyelid skin tags, by using the latest and advanced medical equipment, because we want to make sure that every patient is taken care of in the best possible way.

As Dr. Jha explains, skin tags or acrochorda are growths that can vary in shape, size, color and location, but they do not represent any harm to your health. These skin tags on the eyelids are non-cancerous, flesh-colored or brownish, irregular and smooth in shape, appearing in both men and women. The tags can vary in size, from 1 mm to 5 cm and they can appear in skin folds, such as eyelids, armpits, under the breasts, groin, upper chest and neck. There are two main reasons why these skin tags develop: because of friction or hormonal changes, like gaining weight, diabetes or pregnancy.

Our clinic lead, Dr. Jha recommends to everybody who suffers from this situation to see a specialized doctor in order to have these skin tags removed. In the case of skin tags on eyelid removal, the treatment can be easily performed by using the CO2 laser treatment, which is a painless, scarless, non-invasive procedure.

Before undergoing any type of skin tags on eyelid removal cosmetic treatment, a biopsy or histopathology is necessary, just to make sure that the skin tags are not malignant. Eyelid skin tag removal can be achieved with the help of our non-surgical, minimally invasive DEKA CO2 laser therapy, which is both painless and virtually scarless, ensuring the fastest and best cosmetic results and requiring no downtime. Given the high precision of the CO2 laser device and our experienced doctor’s expertise in the field, the skin tags on the eyelid removal procedure will leave you with no visible scarring. The amazing advantages of the DEKA CO2 laser eyelid skin tags removal is that this fast and painless treatment solely acts upon the superficial layers of the skin, disintegrating the growth at its base while also cauterizing the tissue and preventing bleeding. If the damage brought to the skin tag affected area is minimal, the cosmetic results will be positive and that’s how you benefit from an effective and scarless laser skin tags on eyelid removal treatment.

Although the laser therapy is a non-surgical procedure, as any other such treatment it can have risks as well. In case of the DEKA CO2 laser treatment for eyelid skin tags removal, these risks are minimal and consist in the possible redness or swelling of the affected area, which will disappear in few days.

If you have decided to undergo a CO2 laser treatment for eyelid skin tag removal, Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa has a special offer for the full cosmetic treatment package, which normally costs £1500, but now is £1000. Dr. Jha wishes for everybody suffering from skin tags on the eyelid to be able to afford this type of procedure and to benefit from the high-quality services offered at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa. This package consists in the specialized consultation, biopsy and treatment, all performed on the same day for all nearly and distant clients. For bookings, call 01926 422 454 and we will offer you more information about the special package and the treatment. A £250 deposit for booking is required, and if you agree, the rest £750 will be paid afterwards.

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