Before deciding to undergo any type of medical procedure, it is very important that you carefully weigh the potential risks against the expected benefits in order for you to make an informed decision. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we have found that the informed patient is very often the better patient due to the fact that he/she is able to cooperate more effectively with his medical specialist and reach a positive outcome. This is also true in the case of hymenoplasty which, despite being a relatively simple surgical procedure, can imply certain medical risks, especially when performed by inexperienced gynecological surgeons.

Hymenoplasty, often referred to as either hymenorrhaphy or hymen reconstruction surgery, is a simple, effective and safe cosmetic procedure which allows the patient to enjoy convincing hymen restoration by surgically reconstructing the hymenal ring. Hymen reconstruction surgery is especially useful to female patients who have sustained vaginal damage due to accidental falls, excessive physical effort or sexual intercourse and live in a culture that values female virginity. If you choose to undergo this procedure at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, one of our experienced gynecological surgeons can tighten the outer edges of the vagina by reconstructing the hymen while also concealing any signs of surgical intervention. Under normal circumstances, the procedure is considered so non-invasive that it is performed using only local anesthetics, though a general anesthetic could be used in some circumstances. While hymen reconstruction is considered a safe and relatively non-invasive procedure, there are still certain medical risks that may arise and should be discussed prior to the operation.

Post-operatory bruising and swelling can considerably increase the difficulty of the recovery period, especially since the hymen of some patients is naturally positioned in such a way that it is compressed to a greater degree than normally. This can create some discomfort while walking or sitting in certain positions, but should treatable with over-the-counter medication and eventually disappears.  

Excessive bleeding is another medical complication that might appear if the surgeon and the assisting medical staff are inexperienced in performing hymenoplasty. While limited bleeding in the treated area is normal during the first part of the recovery period, if this phenomenon persists and increases in intensity the probability is that there is a problem that must be corrected and immediate medical consultation becomes necessary. If the issue is not addressed immediately, the risk of developing a hematoma increases exponentially, which is not a desirable outcome since it can cause considerable pain to the patient before being surgically drained. Embolism and severe blood clots also become possible in this scenario.

Prolonged numbness is one of the potential risks of hymenoplasty and a sign of an unsuccessful hymen restoration procedure. While some numbness in the treated area is absolutely normal immediately following the procedure, this should subside after a few days. If the sense of numbness persists beyond that period, then there is a possibility that some nerve damage has occurred during the procedure. The chances of this happening are greatly reduced by simply making sure that the medical professional you choose to conduct the procedure has experience in performing hymenoplasty and hymen restoration.

The best way of avoiding medical complications is by ensuring that the hymenoplasty clinic you use has consistently performed successful hymen restoration procedures throughout the years. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we can offer you the best hymenoplasty service, drastically limiting the chances of medical complications due to the experience and dedication of our medical staff. If you are ready to make this choice, simply contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule an appointment.