Jemma - Result visibility after Botox treatment in Northampton

When can I see the effects or results of a Botox treatment for glabella wrinkles removal? Are they immediate or there is a certain period after which they appear? 

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Answer for When can I see results after a Botox treatment in Northampton? from Renew Skin Team
Renew Team

Mild Botox treatment results can be seen immediately after the procedure, but they may require up to 7-10 days to settle with a maximum benefit, when the botulinum toxin manages to reach and spread all over the targeted muscles and relax them. You shouldnt worry about your general facial expression movements as these will not be affected in any way. Results become visible faster in women than in men as men usually present a stronger facial musculature.
If anyway you are not pleased with the results or u may consider them to be not visible enough you can always contact the specialist at the Renew Skin & Health Clinic and he/she can offer you the proper guidance and advice on how to act further on the matter. You may require a touch-up which doesnt always imply a full treatment, but most patients return not out of necessity but because they are satisfied with the results and wish to carry on with the Botox treatment. It is normal that after the first session the results last for 3-6 months, but after you repeat the Botox treatment the outcomes will present longer life-spans.

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