People in Redditch suffering from eczemas will be pleased to know about Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s professional, safe and highly effective eczema treatments supervised by fully qualified private dermatologists, among whom we must mention our collaboration with Dr. Berth-Jones, Consultant in Dermatology at the University Hospital In Covenetry, who has achieved a vast experience in the field of all dermatological diseases and conditions, including eczemas.

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a general term that describes conditions of the skin that cause inflammations and irritations. Eczema is mostly common in infants, clearing up however by the age of 5, being a genetic alteration of the skin’s barrier function and probably an impaired immune system. Eczemas can also appear when the skin comes into contact with various substances or materials such as soap, detergent, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, etc. Nevertheless, eczema can persist in some individuals and manifest on an irregular basis throughout their lives, with milder or more intense symptoms, people suffering from allergies being more exposed to this skin disease.

Eczemas are represented by a strong itching sensation that may appear long before the actual alteration of the skin, dry, rough, scaly patches of skin, burning sensations and even oozing or crusting of the skin in the affected areas, from the face, neck, back of the knees, wrists or feet to anywhere else on the body. Some people may even experience “flare-ups”, namely the recurrence of eczemas after long periods of time, with more intense or worsened symptoms.

You can trustfully appeal to our eczema specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic as a private skin consultation is the first step in treating this unaesthetic and highly bothersome condition. The eczema specialist or private dermatologist will first run several allergy tests to rule out any other cause of the eczemas, perform a thorough skin examination, establish an accurate diagnosis and also assess your medical history and current health condition. All these procedures will help us “tailor” the eczema treatment that will best suit you, taking into account all the details and thus preventing possible risks or complications regarding this treatment. As we all have different bodies, eczema affects us in different ways, that’s why a personalized treatment is mandatory and can ensure optimum results.

Contact us at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office in Leamington Spa, even if you are from Redditch, on 01926 422-454 to get a booking date for your eczema specialist treatment/ consultation and effectively get rid of the eczemas on your bodies that cause you so much distress!

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