This video presents the effectiveness and non-invasiveness of the amazing TC3000 thermocoagulation treatment for the safe, painless and instant removal of red moles, also known as Campbell de Moergan spots or cherry angioma.  The red mole removal procedure is carried out at Renew Skin & Health Clinic by cosmetic specialist, under the close supervision of Dr. Jha, head of the clinic.

Our Renew Clinic client felt uneasy about the unaesthetic appearance of these red spots on her body and wanted to have them removed after a clear and specialized diagnosis determined they are absolutely harmless. The TC3000 thermocoagulator device is a revolutionary technology using heat to destroy the broken blood vessel walls, which collapse and are absorbed by the body, disappearing instantly. The red moles removal with TC3000 thermocoagulation treatment is not only fast and painless, but it is also scarless and restores a beautiful, flawless skin in a matter of minutes, requiring very little complete healing time.

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