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What are the treatment approaches recommended by Renew Clinic for the removal of raised moles? What treatments ensure the best cosmetic results, given that the mole is in a visible place?

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Answer for Which is the best treatment for raised moles? from Renew Skin Team
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There is no best treatment for mole removal, especially for raised moles, which sometimes require a biopsy. In order to be advised on the most appropriate treatment for your skin lesion, you should book a specialized consultation, in which the private dermatologist at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will also do a medical history check, besides the actual skin and mole examination. If the mole looks suspicious, you may have to undergo a biopsy procedure which can determine or rule out a potentially malignant threat. If it's not the case, our specialist will recommend you the mole removal treatment the will best suit your needs, taking into account the final cosmetic results as well.
Concerning the mole removal treatments, these include laser mole removal procedure, radiosurgery mole removal, cryotherapy and electrocauterization. The most common methods used for mole removal are laser therapy and radiosurgery. These techniques are used because all four mole removal treatments are in-office procedures that do not cause discomfort due to the fact that they are performed under local anesthetic, however, the laser therapy and radiosurgery are faster, scarless and present less side-effects. The laser mole removal treatment may have minimal side-effects which may include skin burns and depigmentation along some minor swelling and bleeding, whereas, radiosurgery eliminates the risk of skin burn, depigmentation and bleeding, due to the fact that it uses a high-frequency alternate current set at a low temperature which instantly cauterizes and coagulates the tissue, eliminating bleeding, possible future infections and enhancing the healing process. If you are interested, one of the specialists at Renew Skin and Health Clinic will offer you a first consultation, which is free if you decide to go through with the treatment at our Clinic, and will also provide you will all the necessary information about the mole removal procedure.

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