According to our specialist, Dr. Jha, moles can be identified as asymptomatic according to the simple ABCDE diagnosis rule, which should trigger a warning signal on moles’ development. Although moles are usually benign skin lesions, they can suffer changes in their shape, size and color, these ABCDE rules clearly indicating the exact changes regarding the mole’s Asymmetry, Borders, Color, Diameter and Elevation.

Among the recommended mole removal procedures, we use the classical biopsy IF the mole clearly shows malignant characteristics; if not however, we use the mole shave biopsy, laser and radiosurgery. Of course, applying any of these mole removal procedures depends on the mole symptoms and on our specialist’s recommendation. So far, the cosmetic results we have achieved with radiosurgery as far superior compared to other removal procedures, as there is no damage to the adjacent tissues so the final results is minimal to no scarring whatsoever.

Before After Results for Radio Surgery