Radiosurgery is a medical procedure that allows a non-invasive treatment of lesions and benign or malignant skin tumors, without cutting or the use of a scalpel. Radiosurgery destroys the targeted areas without affecting the adjacent healthy tissues. Generally, radiosurgery is used for the removal of moles, warts and other skin tags.

Radiosurgery implies the passage of radio waves through the skin to remove or restructure certain lesions, making use of different types of electrodes according to the lesion type, shaped as needles, wire loops, scalpel blade, etc.

The term radiosurgery refers in fact to two entirely different surgical methods: stereotactic radiotherapy, which is used in the treatment of brain lesions (SRS) and body lesions (SBRT) while radiotherapy through radio waves or radiofrequency implies the cutting of the tissue using high frequency alternative energy, the most used being of 4 MHz, above the AM frequency and below the FM radio frequency (High Frequency/Low Temperature). This surgical method is different from the traditional radiosurgery or other forms of electrocautery because it simultaneously cuts and coagulates tissues without applying any pressure to them.

As mentioned earlier, radiosurgery offers a remarkable advantage because the heating of the tissues doesn’t imply their damage as with the wounds resulted from manual cutting or electrical scalpel. The electrode used doesn’t heat up – the radio waves it transmits generate radiofrequency with low temperatures. Hence, the moment these radio waves pass over the tissues, the water inside them generates resistance towards them and vaporizes, the cells being heated up and destroyed from the inside, after which they are reabsorbed within the body. Also, the tissues’ vaporization results in a significant hemostasis, without actually burning them. Moreover, there is no danger of burning or electrically shocking the patient. Another benefit is that radiosurgery produces substantially less peripheral tissue destruction (25 times compared to laser therapies and 50 times compared to electrosurgery), suggesting a much greater precision and faster and more effective downtime.

In dermatology and cosmetic medicine, radiosurgery is used for minor surgical procedures such as thread vein removal, sculpting rhinophyma, flattening and sculpting nevi of any sort, correcting post-operative irregularities, scars, sebaceous hyperplasia, opening cysts, etc. Radiotherapy also generated amazing results in the removal of superficial carcinomas as well as the delineation of deeper skin cancers as in Mohs surgery.

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