People in Coventry who wish to undergo an anti-wrinkle treatment or a skin tightening treatment can book an appointment with one of our specialists at Renew Skin and Health Clinic. The innovative anti-ageing treatment uses radio-frequency as it is a fast, painless, scarless and non-invasive procedure that can be used at all ages.

Despite the fact that the radiofrequency wrinkle treatment can be used at all ages, there are cases which require a delay, this being the case of the people who have undergone a recent dermal filler procedure, because the radiofrequency wrinkle treatment in Coventry might lead to a faster absorption of the filler. Other special situations are when you are dealing with a peacemaker and you have to make sure that the radio waves do not affect it.

In order to establish if you can undergo  the radiofrequency anti-wrinkle  treatment for correction of the double chin, throat folds, décolleté folds, glabella folds, tear sacs, perioculary folds, perioral folds, nasolabial folds, flagged cheek contours, marionette lines or for skin tightening of the complete body, this including  thighs, arms and belly, one of our Renew Skin and Health Clinic  specialists will perform a specialized consultation consisting in  a medical history check and a physical exam.

Radiofrequency as an anti-wrinkle treatment is a fast and painless, non-invasive anti-ageing procedure which provides instant visible results, despite the fact that only after three months one can see the final outcomes. Unlike other anti-ageing treatments, the under eye wrinkle treatment and body tightening treatment with radiofrequency, stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin of the dermis.

The main advantages that the radiofrequency wrinkle treatment in Coventry offers when performed by an experienced practitioner at Renew Skin and Health Clinic are given by the facts that this procedure involves no downtime, no hematoma or swelling, no loss of sensory stimuli and preserves the natural skin thickness.

If you live in Coventry and you want to benefit from the radiofrequency re-facing and try the wrinkle treatment applied on face, throat and décolletage to minimize wrinkles and tear sacs, to structure the deep wrinkles or the fine wrinkles or even to tighten the skin of your body, feel free to contact our Renew Skin and Health Clinic Head Office on 01926 422 454 and book a consultation for the revolutionary and innovative radio-frequency wrinkle treatment.