If you notice highly distended blood vessels surfacing on the face area and neck along with a flushed complexion and tight skin, you are clearly suffering from couperose. Even if symptom wise, couperose resembles rosacea, the swollen facial areas are not experienced with couperose. Women with fair hair and dry skin are prone to suffer from couperose. This is a harmless skin affliction which might be triggered by external factors such as pollution, extreme temperature exposure, and some specialists even trace it back to genetic factors. Those residing in Coventry can resort to a painless cosmetic alternative, like the Rhodamine Intense Pulse Light couperose treatment, which will guarantee remarkable results.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic is a top clinic and among the few in the UK offering the R-IPL cosmetic treatment which is an efficient couperose removal alternative in Coventry. This is based on a potent rhodamine substance combined with the latest Intense Pulse Light technology that will remove the unsightly coloration without any pain or other side-effects. It is a gentle, non-surgical procedure that will leave minimal to no scarring.

Before the R-IPL couperose treatment in Coventry, the specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will carry on with an examination of the future candidates to establish their diagnosis. This is valuable information as it will determine if they are fit to undergo the rhodamine IPL couperose treatment in Coventry. After this, the specialists will determine the necessary number of sessions that are needed for the couperose removal treatment in Coventry, which normally takes about 3 to 6 sessions followed by three-week pause in-between the sessions, this being necessary according to the specialists so that your skin can fully heal and withstand the next sessions.

The Rhodamine IPL is a technology similar to the one behind the pulse dye laser, both of them designed to treat vascular skin diseases. The innovative R-IPL procedure is a combination between a rhodamine substance and intense pulse light. The light energy is converted into heat energy which destroys the affected red pigmented areas (known as haemoglobin chromophore).

The Rhodamine IPL couperose treatment in Coventry is a straightforward, non-invasive and risk-free approach performed by highly qualified and trained specialists. Call now at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and be properly informed so that you can benefit from the innovative Rhodamine IPL couperose removal treatment in Coventry.