According to Dr Jha who is the clinic lead at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa, if you notice tiny flaps of tissue on various areas of your body including the face, neck, underarms, groin folds, under breasts or knees, you might be suffering from skin tags that are also called acrochorda, medically. They are brown or flesh-colored growths that appear in 25% of the population, among which middle-aged, overweight and people with diabetes. Visible skin tags on the eyelids can be more bothersome and unaesthetic, because they can get irritated and bleed from repeated eye rubbing or a daily make-up removal routine.

If you seek specialized advice and professional eyelid skin tags removal treatment, at Renew Skin & Health Clinic you will definitely find it. Our experienced doctors have performed several such non-surgical, painless and scarless procedures, ensuring excellent cosmetic results, so you are in the best hands here. A specialized consultation is required prior to undergoing a professional eyelid skin tags removal private treatment which also includes a biopsy for an accurate diagnosis. This will help us establish the best course of action for your individual case and the best cosmetic results. Even though there are also home remedies for eyelid skin tags removal, the risks are high because you can be left with scars, skin discoloration, the need to repeat the treatment, or even infection. That is why professional eyelid skin tags removal treatments represent the safest solution to rid yourself from them.

There are a few professional eyelid skin tags removal methods including cauterization, when electrolysis is used to burn the skin tag, in other words heat is used to remove them, cryosurgery when a probe containing liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the skin tag, ligation when the blood supply to the skin tag is interrupted, excision when a scalpel is used to cut out the skin tag and last, but not least, the most efficient technique is the DEKA CO2 laser.

During the professional DEKA CO2 laser private treatment for eyelid skin tag removal performed with great care at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa by Dr Jha or other experienced doctors, the laser solely acts upon the affected areas of the eyelid skin, destroying these growths without the risk of recurrence. The DEKA CO2 professional skin tags on eyelid removal treatment is safe, painless, scarless and highly efficient, its duration depending on the number and size of each skin tag. The recovery period is short and there is no downtime required.

We are glad to let you know that we have a price offer available at Renew Skin & Health Clinic for the full treatment package, of £1000 instead of the normal £1500, which is the actual price. This professional skin tags on eyelid removal CO2 laser treatment pack includes the specialized consultation, the biopsy test and the same-day treatment itself, the offer addressing both near and distant patients. A £250 deposit is required for booking an appointment with Dr. Jha by contacting our Head Office at 01926 422 454, and if the you agree with all the terms, the rest of £750 will be paid to benefit from the private cosmetic treatment. 

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