Does the shape or size of your ears attract too much attention? Do you wish to do something about it? Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa can resolve your problem in the most efficient way: Otoplasty is a surgery through which large or disproportionate ears are remodeled. The procedure is made by narrowing the gap between the ear and the side of the head, by shrinking or by remodeling the outer ear. There are many types of deformed ears but the most common is the one in which the ears are too far away from the side of the head. Another category that presents problems is the flap rupture. This area can be rebuilt through surgery, which remodels the ear flap, following the initial shape.

If you decide that you need an ear correction, Renew Skin & Health Clinic is your most suitable solution. Our clinic provides you with cutting-edge equipment and experts with years of experience in plastic surgery. Otoplasty is not a difficult procedure and resides in rebuilding the ear structure in such a way that they will be closer to the head as naturally as they can be. According to specialists, the surgery lasts about one hour, while the area is under anaesthesia. Following the surgery, there is some discomfort but the sensations will dissapear in a couple of days. A major advantage of the otoplasty is that you don’t have to spend time in hospital because you can leave only one hour after surgery. Your ears will be covered in dressing, which can be removed the next day and replaced with a lighter one for the next four to five days.

Every single cosmetic treatment must be performed after medical examination, during which our doctors will explain all the details, along with before and after surgery recommendations. Some of the most important recommendations are: avoiding physical fatigue, including physical exercise and lifting weights, at least for one week. Also you will have to avoid other physical postures that can increase the head pressure. Recovery after the ear correction is estimated between seven and ten days depending on individual recovery ability. You will be able to get back to your job or to go to school after five to seven days. After Otoplasty complications rarely appear and are not dangerous.

The main reason why adults and parents decide that their child should undergo Otoplasty is a psychological one. The irony of the people around him/her can have serious long-term effects like the lack of social integration and introversion. Therefore, the ear correction for children is recommended before starting school, in order to avoid such disturbances. The best age is between 4 and 6 years, when ears are big enough to be operated safely. Adults can undergo the procedure at any age, without affecting the hearing ability.

Otoplasty is the most common surgery on the external ear. If you are not happy with the shape or the size of your ears, we will gladly welcome you at Renew Skin & Health Clinic for your surgical correction consultation.