This video presents Dr. Jha discussing with a Renew Skin & Health Clinic client who has undergone a TC3000 treatment for thread veins removal at our clinic. As we all know, thread veins on the legs can be very unaesthetic and that was the main reason for our client to choose the thread vein removal procedure. She is very pleased with the results as these were instantaneous and complete. The TC3000 thread veins removal treatment ensures far superior cosmetic results as compared to other such procedures as our client stated. She has undergone previous thread veins removal treatments that were not so effective, the process was long and arduous, with minimal results and requiring repetitive sessions, which was also quite expensive.

The TC3000 treatment for legs thread veins removal performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic effectively, safely and immediately addressed the thread veins problem our client was suffering from, with just ONE session, so the advantages of the procedure are obvious. We invite thus people suffering from the thread veins issue to contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office to benefit from the same TC3000 thread veins removal procedure!

Before After Results for Medical Cosmetic Treatments