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What is the proven efficiency of the laser mole removal treatment? And does this treatment prevent moles from recurring?

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Answer for If I undergo the laser mole removal treatment, will there be any traces of my mole left? from Renew Skin Team
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To begin with, it mostly depends on the type of mole you present and whether it is cancerous or not. Usually, if the procedure is done correctly, and all the necessary precautions are taken into account in order to avoid infections, there shouldn't be any trace of the mole left. It also depends on the procedure you are recommended to undergo by your dermatologist, which can vary from laser therapy and radiosurgery to electrocautery and cryotherapy and in some more severe cases, even surgical excision. These are highly advanced techniques that are used to ensure the best cosmetic results and to prevent the mole from recurring. But if the mole is larger, the practitioner performing the laser mole removal treatment for example, would have to go deeper into the skin, leaving a larger scar. In general the mole removal procedures at Renew Skin & Health Clinic are very quick, safe and effective because they are performed under close medical supervision and practically painless, meaning that the only discomfort you may experience is a pinch or light sting when the local anesthetic is injected. If any of these mole removal procedures are not done correctly, there could be some chances that traces of moles are left, causing them to recur.
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