Renew Skin & Health Clinic now provides another exceptional cosmetic laser treatment for skin defects, restoring a beautiful, flawless skin and resolving distressful aesthetic issues: the pulse dye laser, a revolutionary technology that uses an organic dye mixed with a solvent, all the process being based on selective thermolysis. The new cosmetic procedures under discussion are the port wine stains removal laser treatment in Worcester and the salmon patch laser removal treatment in Worcester.

Both the port wine stain and the salmon patch are caused by abnormally dilated capillaries that are remnant from the fetal circulation, manifesting in newborns and children, and some forms remaining until adulthood. Salmon patches are more common, appearing in 7 out of 10 babies, while port wine stains are a rare occurrence, present in 3 out of 1 000 babies. Another difference between these two skin lesions is the fact that salmon patches usually disappear completely by the age of 6-7, while port wine stains require removal treatment.

Salmon patches symptoms: except for the flat and pink appearance, salmon patches are asymptomatic, do not itch and are not contagious. They can appear on both sides of the face (between the eyebrows and on the eyelids) and the occipital area, in the former case being traditionally called angel kisses and in the later, stork bites.

Port wine stains symptoms: colour ranging from pale red to deep purple (they darken in time, and also get a rough, thickened texture); they can appear anywhere on the body, but have a greater incidence on the face, neck, scalp, arms and legs.

When both of these skin lesions hinder the individuals, be it child or adult, from an aesthetic point of view which can lead to social impairment, a treatment approach is usually recommended. Given the superior advantages and positive cosmetic results ensured by the pulse dye laser technology and our Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialists’ expertise in this matter, the salmon patch removal laser treatment in Worcester, as well as the port wine stains removal laser treatment in Worcester are the best approach to fix these issues.

The pulse dye laser treatment for salmon patch removal and port wine stains removal in Worcester is non-surgical, minimally invasive, safe, fast, painless, scarless, requires no downtime and improves the healing system. Due to the thermal effect of the laser energy effect, the production of collagen is also stimulated which restores the flexibility and firmness of the skin. The laser device provides the practitioner with a great precision to solely act upon the targeted lesion, without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues.

In order to benefit from the amazing effects and results of the salmon patch removal laser treatment in Worcester or the port wine stains removal laser treatment in Worcester, simply contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. You will undergo a consultation during which your medical history and current health condition will be assessed to determine if you are eligible for the procedure and you can find out all the details about this laser treatment for the port wine stains removal or salmon patch removal in Worcester.