We tend to call every spot present on the skin of a newborn a birthmark. However, these have varying aspects and developmental causes. Two of the most common birthmarks are port wine stains and salmon patches. Both are caused by malformations of the blood vessels in the skin which causes them to expand, leading to the formation of red patches. The lesions are non-cancerous and are not linked to any other serious medical conditions. Since they are a cosmetic issue no removal is required. However if you would like a clear, blemish free skin, the port wine stains removal laser treatment in Rugby or the salmon patch removal laser treatment in Rugby could be ideal for you.

Salmon patches or nevi simple are the most common vascular birthmark and are caused by temporarily expanded capillaries in the skin. Around 70% of newborn babies have a salmon patch. It can be a few millimeters to a few centimeters in size, with a red or dark pink color and borders that are not clearly defined.  The ones found on the face are called angel kisses and the ones found on the back of the neck are called stork bites.  Most angel kisses recede by the age of 2, however only half of stork bites disappear. For this reason, the pulse dye laser treatment for salmon patch removal in Rugby can be considered.

Nevi flammeus or port wine stains are malformations of blood vessels in the skin. The blood vessels are expanded and conspicuous, giving the stain or patch a red or purple color. Port wine stains are quite rare however and, unlike salmon patches, they do not recede with age. The colour may darken and the patch grows along with the skin. This can have a negative cosmetic effect, especially when situated on the face. The port wine stains removal laser treatment in Rugby is the ideal solution for this issue.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic offers patients affected by port wine stains or salmon patches a modern and effective treatment. The Pulse Dye Laser uses an organic dye mixed in a solvent, through which a laser is shone on the afflicted skin. This method relies on the selective thermolysis principle which ensures the heat from the laser is focused inside the problem blood vessels, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.  This method tremendously limits the scarring and pain you would see with surgical treatments and provides a clear skin. The port wine stains removal and salmon patch removal laser treatment in Rugby have never been this easy.

Contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic and inquire about our options for dermatological issues. Our specialists will cater to each individual case, for easy and quick cosmetic solutions. Prior to port wine stains removal laser treatment in Rugby and salmon patch removal laser treatment in Rugby, we will recommend a consultation to determine medical history, present condition as well as to pinpoint the diagnostic. This will help our Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialists to determine if you are eligible for our treatment and to avoid any potential side effects. With years of experience behind them, our specialists guarantee an improved cosmetic appearance of the skin with the pulse dye laser treatment.