Two of the most common capillary vascular malformations are the salmon patch (naevus simplex) and the port wine stain (naevus flammeus). These birthmarks are non-cancerous, harmless and asymptomatic skin lesions that appear from the womb period and continue to develop during the first years of life, slowly disappearing in time. In some cases, these skin lesions may remain, thus, cosmetic removal may be required. The port wine stain removal laser treatment and salmon patch removal laser treatment in Northampton are cosmetic solutions that can clear up these unaesthetic issues in a quick, painless and virtually scarless way.

Salmon patches are common in minimum 70% babies, the main cause being dilated tiny blood vessels or capillaries. Occurring on the eyelids, between the eyebrows (angel kisses), at the nape of the neck (stork bites) or around the nose or mouth, salmon patches are in fact lesions that appear as flat and usually pink. Most of the salmon patches disappear within the first years, but the ones at the back of the head tend to be more persistent in some cases and may remain present during adulthood (in about 40% of cases). Due to this cosmetic issue, the salmon patch removal laser treatment in Northampton may be the ideal solution for the correction of these remnant lesions.

On the other hand, the port wine stains are much less common, and usually occur in 0.3% of newborns. Appearing as larger, flat spots of purple or dark red skin lesions, with well-defined borders, port wine stains can become in time bumpy and darken, they rarely shrink or fade and are thus permanent in most cases. This can affect a child’s social and psychological development and if visible and large, will require a cosmetic treatment. The pulse dye laser treatment for port wine stain removal in Northampton is, like in the case of the salmon patch, a very effective solution with permanent and scarless results.

The pulse dye laser technology used at Renew Skin & Health Clinic uses an organic dye mixed in a solvent, and through selective thermolysis (thermal effect) destroys the targeted lesions from the inside, leaving the adjacent tissues unharmed. The port wine stain removal laser treatment in Northampton is performed by our specialists who have gained a vast experience in the field of dermatology and laser cosmetic procedures, thus ensuring a comfortable experience and remarkable cosmetic results with enhanced recovery. The pulse dye laser treatment for salmon patches removal in Northampton provides the same efficiency and due to its high precision and minimum degree of invasiveness is ideal for the sensitive areas of the face.

Whether you want to know more about the salmon patch laser removal treatment in Northampton or you want to improve your child’s life through the port wine stains removal laser treatment in Northampton, all you need to do is contact our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clinic and we will provide all the necessary information. A prior consultation is usually mandatory, but this is only to ensure that the patient is eligible for the pulse dye laser treatment and that any potential complications or side-effects are eliminated completely.