Some infants are prone to salmon patches as soon as they are born, this being a skin condition that appears while the baby is still in the mother’s womb. The main cause behind these unsightly bumps consists of the dilatation of the vessels. These pink or red colored salmon patches are commonly spotted in the neck area, eyebrows or eyelids and on the forehead as well. Although some salmon patches fade in the first year of life, the ones on the neck, commonly referred to as “stork bites” are more persistent than the rest. Correcting these unpleasant skin lesions can be done with the salmon patches laser removal treatment in Nuneaton.

As for the port wine stains, these are a lot bigger in size, their pigmentation varying from purple to dark red tones. They present more defined borders and they do not fade with the passing of time, on the contrary, they might darken in coloration, becoming more prominent. They can surface anywhere on the body, but if they surface on the face or neck, this may have consequences on a child psychological state of mind that may be prolonged into adulthood. The specialists here at Renew Skin & Health Clinic use a non-surgical port wine stains laser removal therapy in Nuneaton to correct these skin bumps and boost one’s confidence.

The cosmetic procedure known as the pulse dye laser can be applied for both the salmon patches removal as well as the port wine stains laser removal treatments in Nuneaton. This painless, non-invasive cosmetic procedure will change the way you perceive yourself in the mirror, as it will improve your self-esteem considerably. The pulse dye laser salmon patch removal treatment in Nuneaton and the port wine patch removal laser treatment in Nuneaton is based on a mixture of an organic dye and a solvent which together with the thermolysis pulsations will remove those unaesthetic skin marks, leaving the adjacent tissues unharmed.

The port wine stain removal laser treatment in Nuneaton, as well as the salmon patch removal laser treatment in Nuneaton are performed by some of the top professionals in our clinic. The treatment itself is based on a harmless pulse dye laser procedure which will guarantee patients positive cosmetic results as it is done with accuracy, leaving minimal to no scarring after the procedure is complete.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, our staff is prepared to offer you precise information regarding the innovative laser removal treatment for patients in Nuneaton who suffer from port wine stains or salmon patches. Booking a consultation before the port wine stains laser removal and salmon patch laser removal treatment in Nuneaton, is recommended so that the specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic can follow-up with a patient’s medical history. They will also examine the skin lesions presented on the body or face and depending on their size or color, our practitioner will then proceed with the port wine stains or salmon patch removal laser treatment in Nuneaton.