Salmon patches are a skin condition that usually develops in infants during the gestation interval. Dilated capillaries cause these pink to red skin lesions to surface between the baby’s eyebrows or over the eyelids, but they are also common on the back of the head. Specialists reassure the parents that while the salmon patches on the forehead or eyelids and eyebrows (angel kisses) disappear with the passing of time, those on the neck area also referred to as “stork bites” may not. Thanks to the innovative salmon patches removal laser treatment in Coventry, infants can get rid of those unsightly skin lesions in a fairly easy way, with this non-surgical procedure that won’t inflict pain or leave visible scars.

Another unsightly skin condition that can affect youngsters is represented by the port wine stains. These are, as the name implies, skin stains with a purple to red coloration and unlike the salmon patches, the port wine stains do no vanish on their own. They can be spread anywhere on the body, the face and neck being the most common areas. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic young individuals and adults alike can resort to the innovative and harmless port wine stains laser removal treatment in Coventry to eliminate these unpleasant skin lesions.

The non-surgical salmon patches removal or port wine stains removal procedure is done with the help of a pulse dye laser. The thermal effect created by the organic dye mixed in a powerful solvent and the laser light allow for the targeted cells of the lesions to be destroyed from within through the process of vaporization, the laser action causing no damage to the adjacent tissues.

People in Coventry who wish to undergo the port wine stains removal laser treatment or the salmon patch removal laser treatment available at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic can rest assured as this won’t be an unpleasant experience. The non-surgical pulse dye laser therapy is a non-surgical, minimally invasive, virtually painless cosmetic procedure that produces minimal scarring, requires no downtime and enhances the recovery of the targeted areas.

Contact the Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office in Leamington Spa, to find out more about the salmon patch laser removal treatment in Coventry or the port wine stains removal laser treatment in Coventry and we will clarify all of your doubts and questions. We advise a prior consultation before undergoing the pulse dye laser therapy in Coventry. This will consist in a routine check-up to make sure that you are a suited candidate for the pulse dye laser treatment.