Following numerous successful surgical procedures performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic with the help of radiosurgery, our patients wished to leave certain comments and feedbacks related to this matter:
Elizabeth Humphrey,

“I can say that I’ve tried several mole removal methods so far, taking into account that I had a lot that looked suspicious and the GP suggested their removal. Being used to the relatively painful techniques undergone before, I was pleasantly surprised when the dermatologist removed a mole from my armpit and I didn’t feel a thing, although I knew that was a rather sensitive area. Not to mention that the entire procedure lasted 15 minutes. Very quick and efficient! I therefore recommend Renew Skin & Health Clinic, especially radiosurgery: simple, quick and painless!

Rupert Rassen,

“I have finally got rid of a mole that was really bothering me when shaving. I even scratched it a few times and I started to worry about it. A close friend recommended me the Renew Skin & Health Clinic as he had also been a patient here. I had the opportunity to meet dedicated specialists here, especially Dr. Alan J. Park who, after the consultation suggested the removal of the respective mole with the help of radio wave surgery. I admit that I was rather skeptical at the beginning, but everything passed off exactly how he explained it would during the consultation. I got rid of the inconveniences very quickly and now I can shave without problems and wasting time trying to avoid that mole as I used to!”

Samuel Burton-Paige,

“The dermatologist in charge of my case proved to be a very patient person taking into consideration the fact that I had many enquiries about mole removal. He explained the entire procedure, gave me details and ensured me of its success, offering me the necessary confidence to agree with it. The staff was also very nice and the actual procedure quite fast, I didn’t feel any pain at all, and the place where the mole was healed really nicely so in two months I’m coming back for two other moles. ”

Kirsten O’Malley,
“If you have moles that bother you I strongly recommend Renew Skin & Health Clinic, they are professionals in the true sense of the word. The staff was very friendly, the doctor offered me all the necessary details, and now, 6 months from the procedure I can finally stop covering the unaesthetic moles on my hands!”
David Davidsson,

“I was here with my son who had noticed a suspicious mole on his shoulder. Both the doctor and the nurses were really nice with us, made us feel at ease and the actual removal of the mole was really quick. Results were benign anyway, but the doctor told us we had done well that we acted in good time. I recommend this clinic to anyone facing such problems because everybody here acts professionally and it’s clear that they have a lot of experience in the domain. I for one didn’t know about radiosurgery until now and I’m really glad I managed to find something good and efficient for my son’s problem.”

Sana Rajesh,

“You shouldn’t live with moles if they bother you and make your life harder. I used to think that until I came to Renew Skin & Health Clinic. Here on the other hand I received indications and personal advice, the doctor was really involved in my problem and acted professionally. The procedure in itself was quite fast and painless. I was expecting something more complicated, but this technology truly is something amazing. Instead of the mole that caused me so much inconvenience over the years, I now have only a small spot that’s fading away slowly. I can really say it was an experience that boosted my self-confidence!”