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Do the needles used in the TC3000 thread veins treatment cause any pain, given the sensitive facial area from underneath the nose?

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Answer for Is the TC3000 treatment for thread veins removal painful? from Renew Skin Team
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The TC3000 uses a very fine encapsulated needle which ensures a fast, accurate and nearly painless treatment. The smaller needle, the R3i for the face has a 0.08mm diameter and the second one, the R6i for the body, used for larger veins has a 0.15mm diameter. The needle is inserted perpendicularly in the thread vein and only its tip is heated so it does not harm the adjacent tissues, causes no burns, necrosis or depigmentation. The TC3000 practically has no side effects whatsoever, which makes it an excellent solution for the removal of smaller, but still unsightly thread veins on the face and body.
The heat passed through the tip of the needle instantly coagulates the thread vein, and the pain that you will feel is similar to the sensation you have when you pull out a hair. Most people do not find it so uncomfortable once they get used to the sensation and even so, they choose to overcome it due to the fact that the TC3000 thread veins removal treatment offers your permanent results and can treat up to 80 cm of thread veins in a 10-15-minute session. Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommends the TC3000 treatment due to its advantages and excellent results. People in Leicester are welcome to schedule a consultation with us and find out more about the painless, safe and highly effective TC3000 thread veins removal treatment.

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