A poor sexual performance or an absent one is a real problem for some men, this meaning that they probably suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction). The reasons behind this condition can be traced back to prostate cancer or an augmented prostate, drug side-effects or even diabetes. The latest treatment available at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, namely the Priapus-Shot Platelet-Rich Plasma will treat the condition and will significantly enhance your sexual performance.

The P-shot PRP treatment in Rugby is based on a revolutionary and highly compatible approach, the Platelet-rich plasma therapy. It is body compatible as the platelets are extracted from the patient’s blood and it is revolutionary because it is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure available for people in Rugby. The platelet-enriched plasma will regenerate the tissues due to the growth factors and proteins it contains and it can be used to treat other conditions such as vaginal dysfunctions and even severe hair loss.

The process is quite simple and once the physicians extract a small amount of blood, they submit it to a centrifugation process, isolating the red and white blood cells from the platelet-enriched plasma. This is the ultimate treatment available in Rugby that can fully treat your erectile dysfunction condition and enhance your sexual performance like never before.

The P-shot PRP treatment in Rugby consists in a few quick injections that will be administered in the genital areas. You won’t feel any pain as prior to this, a numbing cream will be gently applied. The entire process for the Priapus Shot PRP treatment in Rugby only takes up to 45 minutes with no mandatory downtime.

Resorting to the non-surgical P-Shot Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment in Rugby will ensure superior results, as you will be able to take pride in an enhanced sexual endurance, firmer erections and a more sensitive penis which may also lead to increased pleasure during intercourse. Also the P-shot helps those suffering from premature ejaculation. A simple and painless injection can solve a lot of problems.

Call Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s Head Office to be properly informed about the P-Shot Platelet-rich plasma treatment in Rugby, which is performed only by experienced specialists.  Before you undergo this treatment, you will need to be examined by one of our physicians so that they can determine your eligibility as a future candidate. Book your appointment today for the innovative and risk-free P-Shot PRP treatment in Rugby.