Erectile dysfunction or ED is a disorder that affects men aged between 35 and 65 generating stress, depression, low self-esteem and impairing a couple’s sexual relationship. Subjects who lost their erectile function due to prostate issues, drug side effects, hypertension, diabetes or other medical conditions can find treatment at Renew Skin & Health Clinic. The non-surgical, painless solution to male problems is the innovative P-Shot or Priapus Shot PRP therapy in Nuneaton which increases sexual capabilities, boosting erection and penis girth.

The Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment or PRP contains growth and healing components which stimulate production and migration of new cells as well as regeneration of the damaged ones contributing to tissue rejuvenation. Firstly used in prolotherapy treatments, then in orthopaedic surgery, this revolutionary PRP therapy is now used in hair loss, vaginal dysfunctions, skin ageing effects, etc. The plasma containing these platelets is drawn from the patient’s own blood and then separated from the red and white blood cells through centrifugation. Inside the platelets, there are active proteins or growth factors that heal the damaged tissues, naturally triggering inflammation, and collagen production. Being non-allergenic and free of harmful side effects, the PRP therapy is appropriate to treat the erectile dysfunction.

The P-Shot PRP treatment in Nuneaton is a revolutionary drug-free alternative to painful male surgery. The technique implies the harvesting of a blood sample from the patient, and its centrifugation until the platelet enriched plasma is obtained. The newly PRP substance which contains higher concentrations of proteins and bioactive factors is injected into the genital areas to regenerate tissues. The Priapus Shot PRP therapy in Nuneaton takes about 45minutes with no downtime involved, so daily activities can be resumed immediately after the intervention.

The P-Shot Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy in Nuneaton has multiple benefits that include tissue growth, stronger erections, penis girth, increased sensations and pleasure, premature ejaculation clogging, and improvement of blood circulation within the penis. Some patients can experience many of the previously mentioned benefits immediately after getting the erectile injection.

Leave your worries behind and contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic to take advantage of the P-Shot Platelet rich plasma treatment in Nuneaton. Just call the appointment line and schedule a consultation with one of our specialists to find out more details about this amazing treatment. Prior to the procedure itself, your health status will be evaluated to determine your eligibility. Do not hesitate to improve your sexual life by undergoing the ultimate P-Shot PRP treatment in Nuneaton.