Nuneaton ensures surgical and non-surgical anti-ageing treatments within the cosmetic clinics in the city, all you need to be aware of are the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of procedures: surgical and non-surgical.

When undergoing a surgical skin rejuvenation treatment, be it facial or other area of the body, you need to take into account that this treatment is highly invasive, expensive and requires long downtime, not to mention that post-operative scarring may also remain; however, the results are semi-permanent and last for a few years up to an entire lifetime, depending on your skin type and lifestyle.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic we provide professional services and treatments as we benefit from the latest technology and highly experienced specialists who can perform successful anti-ageing treatments. However, most patients seem to prefer the non-surgical procedures, as they are less invasive, require no downtime whatsoever, are scar-free and cheaper. Our most requested non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments are with dermal filler injections such as Botox and Juvenderm or Restylane (these two are based on hyaluronic acid). Botox and hyaluronic acid can remove any type of wrinkles, starting with the forehead wrinkles, glabella, bunny lines, crow’s feet, the nasolabial folds, marionette lines and chin wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid such as Juvederm and Restylane gel injections can even smooth out wrinkles on the neck, décolletage and hands, leaving your skin plump, tight and younger-looking.

The dermal filler rejuvenation treatments at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa are performed under close medical supervision in order to minimize possible risks and side effects. The procedure in itself lasts for 15-20 minutes, after which you can easily leave the clinic and resume your daily activity: this is highly convenient for people with busy schedules who can undergo this amazing procedure during their lunch break. Results are temporary, but still last for 6-7 months or more depending on the dermal filler used, the amount injected and your skin’s capacity to incorporate the dermal filler. When repeating the treatment, the effects will last longer and longer, as your skin is stimulated to produce new collagen on its own. Another advantage of dermal fillers, in this case of Botox, is that it can also effectively treat other skin conditions such as axillary hyperhidrosis and even migraines.

Come to Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa even if you are from Nuneaton and experience this amazing anti-ageing dermal filler treatment! Look as young as you feel and boost your self-confidence while enjoying a smooth, plump, radiant and healthy-looking skin!