Dermal filler treatments are a safe and effective anti-ageing solution for both men and women. Men for example can undergo such skin rejuvenation procedures in the Northampton cosmetic clinics provided that these procedures are performed by experienced skin specialists who can ensure optimum results and minimize or completely prevent possible risks and side effects.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic is such a place and our skin specialists performing anti-ageing treatments for men are fully qualified in the field as they have performed numerous such cosmetic procedures for men. The cosmetic treatment is recommended according to the patient’s expectations and the specialist’s advice after assessing the former’s medical situation; and in regard to this aspect, the most requested skin rejuvenation treatments are the dermal filler microinjections.

Dermal filler microinjections are a non-surgical, minimally invasive solution for temporary, yet highly effective skin rejuvenation and wrinkle smoothing. Various type of wrinkles in men require different types of dermal fillers so for expression wrinkle removal for example, our specialists recommend a Botox microinjections, the botulinum toxin being a muscle relaxing substance that will prevent these wrinkles from deepening, will plump the skin, making it look smooth, but will not affect your facial expression in any way. Botox dermal fillers are thus ideal for the removal of forehead and glabella or frown wrinkles, crow’s feet, bunny lines, gummy smile correction, etc. For the lower part of the facial area (but this is not a rule!) our specialists recommend hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers for the removal or correction of nasolabial folds, marionette lines, hollow cheeks correction and neck, décolletage and hand skin rejuvenation.

The injection procedure is the same for any type of dermal filler: it is quick, as it lasts for 15-20 minutes; painless as the needles used are extremely fine and with more sensitive patients we can use a special anesthetic cream to numb the area; and it leaves no scars, nor does it require any downtime, so you can leave the clinic immediately after the treatment to resume your daily activities.

To find out anything else you need to know about the implications and development of Botox and hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatments for men, schedule a consultation at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa even if you are coming from Northampton and our specialist will be at your disposal. Get rid of those unsightly wrinkles in a professional and effective way!