Actinic keratoses or seborrheic keratoses (age spots) are skin lesions that mostly appear in 60+ year olds, due to a long-term, excessive sun exposure. These rough, scaly patches are caused by the skin’s inability to repair sun-damaged cells and are normally harmless and symptomatic. However, when you start to feel itching sensations, or notice bleeding, or when the actinic keratosis becomes bothersome, you should immediately see a doctor, as the UV light can cause alterations within melanocytes, triggering malignant characteristics that may lead to a type of skin cancer, called squamous cell carcinoma or SCC.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa ensure consultations and highly effective treatments for actinic keratosis, the minor surgery procedures being performed by fully qualified practitioners and consultant surgeons with year of experience in the field. If after the GP skin examination, your skin lesions still raise suspicions, you will be further referred to a dermatologist who will determine their diagnosis.

If a biopsy or removal procedure is required, you should not worry, as the actinic or seborrheic keratosis removal is a minor surgical procedure performed by specialists, under local anesthetic, being thus painless, and even if this requires stitching, the scarring will be minimal. The tissue sample that is removed will be then sent to a lab for analysis to determine if the lesion is cancerous or not, which will enable the prescription of an appropriate treatment. Another method of surgical removal is the shave biopsy, which implies scraping off the keratosis with a medical instrument, which in most cases only leaves a white-colored patch in the treated area.

These minor surgery techniques can also be used in the case dermatosis papulosa nigra removal, or DPN removal in Northampton. Dermatosis papulosa nigra is a non-cancerous skin disorder that is very common in men of African and Asian descent and is characterized by the appearance of a multitude of dark facial skin lesions. DPN is not considered a serious health issue because it does not affect any of the body’s functions, but many wish to remove the skin protrusions in order to obtain a healthier looking skin. Minor surgery is an ideal means of dermatosis papulosa nigra removal because it provides the patient with an excellent aesthetic result while exposing him to limited medical risk. 

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