Sebaceous hyperplasia and Fordyce spots are both conditions that affect the sebaceous glands in the skin. Sebaceous glands are usually found near hair follicles and are responsible for secreting important oils ensuring skin health.  For people with these conditions, the sebaceous glands are enlarged and visible, giving the affected areas an unaesthetic aspect. Though these disorders are harmless from a medical point of view, some people may wish to treat them especially if they are present on sensitive locations of the body such as the face or genitals.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic offers patients the option for Sebaceous Hyperplasia removal in Solihull and Fordyce spots removal in Solihull using the non-surgical and non-invasive Pulse Dye laser therapy.

Sebaceous hyperplasia affects the sebaceous glands of the skin and is usually displayed as yellowish bumps around hair follicles. It mostly affects people above 40, but are sometimes found in younger individuals. The bumps are usually found on the face, particularly the forehead, though they may affect other areas of the body as well. The condition develops over time and it is a benign enlargement of the gland which overproduces skin oils, promoting these unaesthetic bumps around hair follicles. Since it can be difficult to get rid of sebaceous hyperplasia by traditional means, the pulse dye laser for sebaceous hyperplasia removal in Solihull is now a convenient non-surgical alternative, available at Renew Skin & Health Clinic.

Fordyce spot is a name given to a bump on the skin caused by an enlarged sebaceous gland. They affect most people to some degree, regardless of age. Unlike sebaceous hyperplasia, Fordyce spots are found predominantly on the genitals as well as on the vermillion border of the lips. Their aspect is that of white or yellow bumps on the skin. Fordyce spots are benign or harmless, simply being a sebaceous gland whose location is abnormal. However, they may be found in large numbers giving the skin an unpleasant aspect and feel. The Fordyce spots removal laser treatment in Solihull is also provided by Renew Health & Skin Clinic.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia and Fordyce spots removal treatments in Solihull are performed using the Pulse Dye Laser, a modern therapy based on selective thermolysis which uses an organic dye mixed in a solvent solution. This method is unique in that the laser and the associated heat are directed onto the afflicted tissue, while the surrounding healthy tissue is left unharmed. This ensures the minimum amount of pain and a scar free treatment. Since there is no pain and the sessions are quick, no hospitalisation or strong anesthetics are needed (for your complete comfort a local anesthetic cream may be used). As far as dermatological treatments go, this is one of the top solutions for Sebaceous Hyperplasia laser removal in Solihull or for Fordyce spots laser removal in Solihull.

Contact our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clinic and ask about the Sebaceous Hyperplasia and Fordyce spots removal laser treatments in Solihull. Our experts will provide the best service available catered to each patient.

A prior consultation will be required in order to determine the patient’s medical condition and history as to eliminate any potential side effects and determine the eligibility for the quick and easy Fordyce spots removal or sebaceous hyperplasia removal laser treatments in Solihull.