Sebaceous hyperplasia or Fordyce spots are skin lesions both caused by the highly swollen sebaceous glands. There are numerous men and women that are confronted with these types of unsightly skin lesions. With the pulse dye laser treatment for Fordyce spots removal or sebaceous hyperplasia removal in Nuneaton, making these bumps disappear is safe and guarantees no pain. This dermatological procedure performed for people in Nuneaton is highly beneficial for those experiencing sebaceous hyperplasia or Fordyce spots. Top physicians at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will reinstate a patient’s self-esteem by getting rid of such highly unaesthetic skin marks.

  • Sebaceous hyperplasia appears on the face, eyelid or back, but they are commonly located on the genitalia. These white or yellow pigmented lesions are asymptomatic and they do no hurt. They are quite common among men and women and with the aid of the sebaceous hyperplasia removal laser treatment in Nuneaton, patients can experience positive cosmetic results.
  • Fordyce spots (also known as Sebaceous Prominence) are normally pale red or even yellowish-white bumps that are prone to surface near the vermillion edge of the lips or the genitalia as well. The main reason for the appearance of Fordyce spots is the sebaceous glands that are chock-full with oil thus causing these coloured skin bumps to emerge.   

Both of these dermatological skin conditions are considered benign and can be easily cared for with the pulse dye laser treatment at Renew Skin & Health Clinic. The sebaceous hyperplasia removal and Fordyce spots removal laser treatment in Nuneaton involves a solvent combined with an organic dye, which together act as a lasing medium composition for the laser light, the combination creating radiation which, through its thermal effect, vaporizes and destroys the targeted cells from within.

The pulse dye laser for Fordyce spots removal in Nuneaton and sebaceous hyperplasia removal in Nuneaton is a non-surgical procedure performed by some of the best physicians at Renew Skin & Health Clinic. A harmless and effective treatment that promises minimal scarring and no soreness whatsoever. Now, looking in the mirror doesn’t have to be worrisome anymore.

Call our Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s Head Office and book a consult. The Fordyce spots removal laser treatment in Nuneaton and the sebaceous hyperplasia removal laser treatment in Nuneaton are safe and effective non-surgical options for those suffering from these dermatological conditions. The recovery period is a very short one, there are no side-effects to this treatment and due to its minimal invasiveness, there is no downtime required.