The non-surgical cosmetic treatments represent the type of treatments that are used to correct imperfections and beautify the face and body without resorting to surgical methods. They tend to offer a nice and pleasant aspect that everybody desires. The non surgical methods for correcting the imperfections of the body are a highly popular alternative among patients because in most of the cases they have excellent results replacing the classic surgical method and the recovery time together with costs are very low. Our clinic in Leamington Spa, Renew Skin and Health Clinic is specialised in different types of cosmetic treatments, including non-surgical treatments. We use the latest methods when it comes to medical cosmetics and revitalisation of the entire body.

On our list of non-surgical treatments you will also see methods like: chemical peeling, Nd:Yag laser treatments and IPL cosmetic treatments. The chemical peeling is a treatment that consists of improving the facial skin while making it softer, through the removal of the deteriorated superficial skin layers using an acid solution. This type of treatment is recommended to people who have wrinkles, skin spots, acne or acne scars. Even though this treatment cannot replace surgical lifting, if it is used together with complex rejuvenation programs, it can be associated with it.

The new IPL treatment (intense pulsed light) with its unique and efficient approach, takes the anti-aging treatment at a new level. Unlike other types of surgical treatments, the IPL peeling treatment is highly efficient because it can reduce the recovery time from weeks to hours. The cryogenic spray that is used protects the surface of the skin and its nervous endings, while the IPL light enters deep in the dermis stimulating the fibroblast, where the new collagen is generated. This procedure is at its best when used for fine lines near the eyes and mouth where collagen becomes less elastic. Proven to be very efficient in treating acne scars, the IPL treatment is also used for hair removal, especially for the delicate zones of the body.

The Nd:Yag laser treatment is used for vascular lesions, pigmentation problems or definitive hair removal. The treatment has excellent results when it comes to vascular lesions of the face or the body, especially for thread veins. Unlike the IPL treatment, the Nd:Yag laser has very good results for darker skin also.

Surgical treatments are more necessary when it comes to severe lesions of the skin, where the non-surgical methods have failed. After a consultation with our specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, you will find out about every treatment here and choose the one that suits you best according to your preferences or your medical history. Being equipped with the newest technologies and the most innovative methods in medical cosmetics, our clinic can offer you the best and most efficient treatments, surgical or not, because they are performed by specialists with experience in the field.

If you want an alternative to the conventional method of treating the skin, the Renew Skin & Health Clinic non surgical cosmetic treatments are an excellent choice and you only have to enjoy the extraordinary results, low costs and time efficiency.