The Pearly Penile Papules and genital warts removal treatments ensured by Renew Skin & Health Clinic are now also available for patients in Newport, being performed by fully qualified practitioners and consultant surgeons with years of experience in the field.

Radiosurgery has proved to be a highly effective, revolutionary non-surgical procedure for the painless and quick removal of different types of skin lesions, among which Pearly Penile Papules and genital warts, due to its advantageous characteristics. Radio surgery is minimally invasive, as radio waves are the ones doing the cutting; provide surgeons with great precision, ensuring no damage to the surrounding tissues, the electrode of the device simultaneously cauterizes the skin, preventing bleeding and future infections, and as mentioned before, it is painless which is a big plus, taking into consideration the high sensitivity of the area of these skin lesions.

To start with, PPP or Pearly Penile Papules are noncancerous, completely harmless skin lesions that will not develop malignant characteristics and appear only in men, in around 33% of the male population, with no determined cause. PPP are small, dome-shaped papules that are set circumferentially around the glans penis. They are strictly unsightly skin lesions, are not sexually transmittable, nor related to personal hygiene in any way, most male patients wanting their removal as PPP are generally mistaken for STDs by female partners.

On the other hand, the situation with genital warts is entirely different. These skin lesions affect both men and women and are highly contagious, being of course transmitted sexually. Nevertheless, genital warts are cause by the HPV or the Human Papillomavirus, which in rare situations can trigger alterations in the cervix, causing cervical cancer in women, this being the main reason their removal is mandatory.
As mentioned above, radio surgery is a highly recommended treatment for the removal of PPP and genital warts due to the excellent results obtained so far. Our Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialists have acquired great expertise in this kind of treatments, so the final cosmetic results will also satisfy your expectations.

Contact us at Renew Skin & Health Clinic even if you are from Newport as we constantly update our satellite centres near you, hence please be advised to call our Head Office on 01926 422 454 or access our Contact Page here. During the first consultation, our GP will also analyze your medical history, not only your current health condition, so we can rule out any possible risks or complications and ensure optimum results! 

If you are looking for PPP treatment and as this issue is being overly sensitive in nature Dr Jha prefers you to contact him directly on his phone (07866 715 815). Please text him your name/age/city/ preferred call back time to discuss the treatment. If you don't get call back same day then please assume Dr Jha had been too busy (which is generally the case or he may be overseas) and therefore please text him same info on the following day as a gentle reminder. 

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