Whenever dealing with facial lumps, that is lumps on the head, lumps of the neck or eyelid lumps, people in Northampton, and not only, should always seek a professional’s advice. These lumps are generally caused by trauma, minor infections or other skin conditions, but in more severe cases, they can also be a signal for malignancy, namely skin or other types of cancer. Renew Skin & Health Clinic welcomes people in Northampton to benefit from our professional medical and cosmetic services, which include skin lump consultations and safe, painless and highly effective minor surgery treatments performed on a private day case surgery basis, meaning that our patients require no hospitalization.

Lumps on the head are generally caused by injury, lipomas, dermoid cysts, sebaceous cysts but in some rare situations even cancer, that’s why you should immediately see a specialist when you notice lumps on the head, so if it’s the case, you can prevent future complications by undergoing a head lump removal procedure.

Lumps can also appear on the neck, under the jaw or in the frontal part, being mostly caused by enlarged lymph nodes due to bacterial or viral infections, cancer or other rare conditions. Lumps in the muscles of the neck are generally caused by injury or torticollis (front of the neck), but sebaceous cysts can also be a triggering factor. Another cause for lumps on the neck is the thyroid gland, which can also produce the appearance of one or more lumps, but they have to be monitored very strictly as this can also be a sign of thyroid cancer.

Eyelid lumps appear due to cysts, the Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialists mentioning several types of these, including styes or abscesses at the oil glands, chalazions, also known as meibomiam cysts, sweet gland cysts, keratosis, inclusion cysts and nevi. The transfer of dirt, debris and bacteria are generally the causes of eyelid lumps, but also eye duct blockages, poor hygiene, dirty contacts, chronic blepharitis, the use of expired cosmetics, leaving make-up on overnight, etc. Eyelid lumps or cysts symptoms include redness, swelling of the eyelid, tenderness, discoloration, discharge, eye crust, pain, discomfort when blinking, blurry vision and itchiness. Skin cancer can also manifest through eyelid lumps, so a GP consultation is mandatory.

Neck, head or eyelid lumps are generally removed with the help of minor surgery at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, but as mentioned before, a prior consultation is necessary, when the GP or specialist will perform a visual check-up of the lump, assess your medical condition and your current health condition, to set an accurate diagnosis and recommend an appropriate lump removal treatment. If the lump looks suspicious, after the removal procedure, the tissue can also be sent for further analyses to rule out any possible malignant condition.

Minor surgery is a safe, painless and highly effective procedure for neck lump removal, head lump removal or eyelid lumps removal with minimized risks and minimal scarring, so the final cosmetic results are always satisfying for our clients in Northampton. Our practitioners are highly experienced in such procedures and will always strive to meet your expectations.

Contact us at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office on 01926 422 454, even if you are from Northampton, to book your lump removal consultation/treatment as your trip here will definitely be worth your while. Get rid of those unsightly skin lumps safely and effectively with professional medical treatments that require no downtime, so you can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure.