Moles and other skin lesions can become unaesthetic and dangerous for our health when they appear in improper places or present changes in size, color or shape. Renew Skin & Health Clinic comes to your aid with an extraordinary solution: radiosurgery. This skin conditions can be removed in a simple and quick way by the specialists at our cosmetic clinic in Leamington Spa so that you can enjoy the best results.
This procedure is particularly simple and highly efficient due to its main principle. Radiosurgery uses radio waves to simultaneously cut and cauterize the tissues. Thus, there is no post-operative bleeding and the lesion develops a scab that will eventually fall off after a few days, the scar disappearing in time, homogenizing in color with the rest of the skin.

Such a surgical procedure generally lasts between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the type of the mole and the number of moles to be removed. The procedure is painless because a local anesthetic is applied, and the downtime significantly decreases towards other invasive procedures that require greater post-operative care and management. Regarding this aspect, as previously mentioned, the radiosurgery procedure don’t require stitching or other surgical sutures as the lesion is closed through cauterization concomitantly with the cutting movement.

Tissues are not directly affected: the water within the cells reacts as a resistant to the passage of high frequency radio waves, volatilizing and thus determining the separation of the tissues. This requires approximately 10 movements made by the specialist doctor who passes the electrode over the mole (it also depends on its size). In 80% of the procedure’s duration, the doctor prepares the skin area with the mole, the actual removal requiring very little time (around 1-2 minutes) depending on the mole’s size. For the small ones, the removal only implies a few seconds.

Such a fast and safe procedure is now available at Renew Skin & Health Clinic only for you. The specialists here benefit of a vast experience in the field and the necessary technology. Following this simple, efficient and fast procedure you can normally resume your daily activities, the only exception referring to the more sensitive areas when a maximum 24-hour rest is recommended.