We present here another mole removal procedure, in which Dr. Jha makes use of the radiosurgery technique, emphasizing the steps which have to be taken in order to achieve complete and successful results.

Due to the local anesthetic the patient doesn’t feel any pain and is very comfortable, the mole removal procedure lasting for 8 minutes. After two weeks from the procedure, the results are noticeable and the remaining scar, still healing, is barely visible. There are no side-effects, no pain and no downtime with radiosurgery, the patient being able to leave the clinic immediately after the procedure. Renew Skin & Health Clinic is sending with this occasion an invitation to those in Rugby, Wolverhampton, Burton upon Trent and Northampton to Leamington Spa in oder to benefit from an efficient solution against the unaesthetic or problematic moles they’re dealing with.

Before After Results for Radio Surgery