If a mole bothers you and is simply unsightly, you can easily remove it in a clinic or hospital in Rugby. Mole removal, skin spots, skin tags or facial lumps removal and wart removal in Rugby are available treatments performed under medical supervision and each method used has different cosmetic outcomes, depending on the specialist’s technique and on the patient’s expectations.

Renew skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa, which is near Rugby offers you the best and most efficient mole removal, skin spots removal, skin tags removal and wart removal treatments due to our specialists’ vast experience in the field and the new generation medical technology we use here. Our specialist Dr. Jha recommends the use of radiosurgery or Nd:Yag laser therapy for the removal of moles, age skin spots, skin tags or other types of unaesthetic skin lesions. The procedure is painless, quick (usually lasts up to 15 minutes) and the cosmetic results will simply amaze you as there is minimal to no scarring left. 

In addition, Renew Skin & Health Clinic ensures free transportation to Leamington Spa providing payment for the travel mileage/train ticket/fare and for the return journey if you’re travelling by car offering 23p/mile however this facility is ONLY valid for the day of treatment and does not refer to the consultation day. This payment also does not apply to our other valued clients who are receiving free treatments at Renew as a part of Research Projects! Just make sure you confirm your payment approval on the phone when contacting us to schedule your procedure!