Mole removal is performed due to two main reasons: the first refers to the cellular changes they may undergo, developing a malignant or cancerous potential, the second relating to the unaesthetic aspect they may create. Depending on the mole removal method, there are various types of risks that may appear and shouldn’t be ignored, so you should take every detail into consideration.

A first risk would be the reappearance of the mole after the surface shave removal procedure. Although this method usually has positive cosmetic results, the risk for the mole to regrow must be taken into consideration. The laser removal method presents quite the same risk as the reason is the same: some atypical nevi can have deeper roots and because by surface shaving the mole is removed only to the skin level, the root or deeper cells are not affected whatsoever and thus, it can easily manifest again. The laser has a rather superficial effect taking into account the depth of the tissues it acts upon. Moreover, the laser beam completely destroys the suspicious cells so there’s no possibility for the naevus or at least of part of it to be tested pathologically.

As mole removal usually implies the cutting of the skin (excision, for example), the surgical procedure may result in scarring. They can be small or hardly visible, but larger moles will also leave larger scars. Scarring is usually more obvious on the darker skin. In this case, the surgeon may recommend the use of a silicone based substance to reduce the scarring left by larger moles.

Another risk that may intervene in mole removal is infection. At the moment of incision the skin is prone to infection with external bacteria. If the lesion is not cleansed appropriately before and after the surgery, the risk of infection is imminent. The same thing happens if the medical equipment and tools aren’t sterilized correctly. After the removal of moles, the affected areas must be attended to, kept clean, dry and covered. The application of an antibiotic based ointment is also highly necessary.

The risks of moles removal exist, but they can be minimized. If the appropriate and necessary measures are taken for this, the surgical procedure will be a guaranteed success and side effects will be minimal or won’t even exist. Scarring is a normal aspect following a surgical procedure, but it fades away and even disappears in time. Other risks that may appear vary depending on the removal procedure and the treated area. It is highly important to choose a specialist with experience in mole removal.

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