Moles are usually benign skin lesions that do not cause any particular inconveniences, however there are situations when, due to different factors’ harmful action upon the skin (excessive sun exposure, hurting the mole while shaving or brushing) or because of their unaesthetic aspect, certain moles require removal. Skin spots such as age skin spots or simply lumps on the face also create unaesthetic issues and necessarily require removal as well. 

The reason for warts' appearance is the HPV, which causes an infection under the skin, creating these unaesthetic lumps that become real inconveniences in your daily life. More importantly, warts, depending on the type of HPV that causes them, can suffer alterations and lead to serious health hazards, requiring removal.   

The best procedures for mole removal and skin spots removal in Birmingham are radiosurgery and the Nd:Yag laser technique. The mole removal technique is performed under close medical supervision, is painless, quick and minimally invasive providing you with amazing cosmetic results and minimal to no scarring.
Wart removal procedures can also be performed in Birmingham with the help of the last generation radio surgery technique helping you get rid of these unsightly and inconvenient skin lesions once and for all. Our specialists in Leamington Spa, who have a vast experience in mole and wart removal will try their best to ensure a painless, scar-free and comfortable wart removal procedure with the help of radio surgery and striving to achieve the expected cosmetic results.

We cover the payment for your travel mileage/train ticket/fare on the day of treatment and the return journey if you’re traveling by car (again, in the same treatment day) offering 23p/mile. Please note that this payment does not cover the consultation and does not address our other valued clients who receive free treatments as part of our Research Projects! This free transportation is subject to prior approval on the phone, so when you schedule your mole removal procedure, be sure to ask about this!