Moles and warts can sometimes become unaesthetic or health-threatening skin lesions that require immediate removal in order to avoid future health complications. Mole and wart removal in Leicester is performed within the city’s cosmetic clinics or hospitals through different methods, such as biopsy, radiosurgery or the Nd:Yag laser techniques. Skin spots or solar keratosis, namely lumps that appear on the face are another cosmetic problem that may cause various issues and according to specialists can be removed with radiosurgery.  Nevertheless, each procedure has different cosmetic results. The best outcomes in mole, wart and skin spots removal procedures performed in Leicester are with radio surgery and Nd:Yag laser as they are minimally invasive, do not affect the surrounding tissues and the skin lesions are targeted with a high precision.

The skin lesions removal in Leicester is performed under close medical supervision and has many benefits however, this kind of minimally invasive technique is much more advantageous when performed at our clinic in Leamington Spa because of our specialists’ vast experience in the field and the last generation technology used here. 

Moreover, Renew Skin & Health Clinic also provides you with the train ticket/fare/travel mileage on the treatment day, of course within reasonable limits, all you have to do is to confirm the approval while scheduling your consultation. You will also receive 23p/mile for your return journey on the day of treatment. This benefit does not refer to the first consultation, only to the actual treatment day travel. This payment does not apply to our other valued clients who receive free treatments at Renew Skin & Health Clinic as a part of Research Projects!