Hayley is a young client of our Renew Skin & Health Clinic, who after searching on the internet, decided to choose us for a facial mole removal treatment. Given the promptness and professionalism provided during the consultation on the phone, when she sent Dr. Jha pictures of the mole for a quicker assessment, Hayley travelled to our clinic and underwent another specialized consultation, during which her situation was assessed, her mole analyzed and all necessary information about moles, the mole removal procedure, as well as about the possible post-procedural risks were presented to her.

Having confidence in Dr. Jha and undergoing the CO2 laser mole removal procedure, Hayley (now in day 12 since the procedure) is extremely satisfied with the cosmetic results, the redness disappearing completely and the scar healing beautifully and being virtually invisible. Hayley was also assured by Dr. Jha that because the CO laser uses a shave-type of action on the mole, there are minimal chances for recurrence, in which case she is welcome to come back for another Co2 laser mole removal procedure completely-free of charge. 

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