Dennis - Mole removal at home: risks

What is the mole specialists’ opinion about mole removal at home? What are the implications and effects on the health of such actions? 

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Answer for Mole removal at home? What are the risks? from Renew Skin Team
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You shouldn't try to remove a mole at home as there are several great risks that your skin may develop, ranging from small infections to skin cancer or malignant melanoma. Although moles are generally benign skin lesions, they can suffer alterations due to different external factors. If you've hurt a mole when getting dressed, combing your hair or while shaving, you should immediately see a doctor or a specialist as the mole's cellular structure may change due to an infection. In other situations, moles you remove at home may reappear and develop cancerous characteristics. Mole removal should only be performed in a clinic and by a specialist.

The best advice the Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialists give you is to monitor your moles regularly, observe if they suffer changes in size, shape and color and by no means attempt to remove them at home as you can suffer from severe health consequences afterwards.

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