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What are other mole removal treatment options that I can benefit from and that can also ensure excellent cosmetic results?  

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Answer for Are there any other options I can consider besides laser therapy for mole removal? from Renew Skin Team
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Yes, of course there are other options for mole removal which include radiosurgery, electrocautery, cryotherapy. Radiosurgery involves an electrode through which an ultra-high frequency radio wave current is sent in order to evaporate the water within the cells and cause them to breakdown from within. The adjacent tissues are not damaged due to the use of low temperatures. Radiosurgery for mole removal is a painless and quick procedure that instantly cauterizes the tissue and preventing bleeding, possible future infections and enhances the healing process. The treatment doesn't require any downtime or hospitalization as the day case procedure is non-surgical, minimally invasive and a session takes up to 15-20 minutes. Moreover, you can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure to normally resume your daily activities.
Cryotherapy is performed with the help of the Cryo-pen, which is a practical cryo-cautery medical instrument used for the total and controlled destruction of the unwanted tissue through freezing with carbonic snow or through cauterization with the help of low temperatures, in a very fast and safe way. At Renew Skin and Health Clinic we give you only the best treatment solutions suited to your individual needs and ailments so feel free to contact us in order to book a consultation with one of our specialists and let us help you live a better, carefree life.

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