Sunbeds contain fluorescent light tubes that tan the skin by emitting ultraviolet radiations (UV), the same type of radiations that are found in the natural sunlight. There are two types of UV radiations: UVA and UVB, the former in a proportion of 95% causing skin aging and the latter, in a proportion of 5% being also responsible for the destruction and burning of the skin. On average, 10 minutes spent in a sunbed represents the equivalent of a 10-minute exposure to the Mediterranean sun in the summertime, the concentration of the UV radiations that act negatively upon your skin being very high.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic supports the World Health Organisation which claims that the use of sunbeds especially by teenagers is highly dangerous as it significantly increases the risk of developing skin cancer later on in life, with the mention that youthful skin is much more sensitive to solar conditions of any kind than the one of older people. Eye conditions, premature aging and skin cancer are the potential long-term consequences of excessive sun radiation exposure that can manifest even after a period of 20 years! In this way, the moles on the body, even the usually less exposed ones to sunlight can develop malignant characteristics after the use of sunbeds because inside these devices the entire body is exposed, being no longer protected by any piece of clothing.

Malignant melanoma, the most severe type of skin cancer has become the third most common type of cancer in people of 15-24 years, also presenting the highest development rate in Great Britain. Taking into account that the radiations you expose yourselves to are equally or even more harmful that the sun’s (sun radiations are however filtered to a small extent by the ozone layer), the risk of developing mole complications is much higher. The principle is the same: the radiations will alter the structure of the melanocytes, generating malignant characteristics.

Thus, the people having a greater number of moles, lighter skin tone, blue eyes and freckles are most prone to developing skin cancer after an excessive exposure to both natural sunlight and to the artificial one within sunbeds. Renew Skin & Health Clinic promotes thus skin protection through regular mole check-ups at the clinic and by avoiding unprotected exposure to radiations of any type!