Skin lesions such as mole, warts and skin spots and skin tags require removal for two reasons: first of all, the alterations they may suffer and become health hazards and secondly the unaesthetic aspect they create, becoming real inconveniences in terms of physical appearance that can have a negative impact on your social life.

Mole removal, skin tags removal and skin spots removal in Nuneaton is performed in clinics and hospitals under medical supervision, where unfortunately specialists prefer traditional incision biopsies that leave more visible scars than the latest techniques such as radiosurgery and laser therapy. Wart removal in Nuneaton is performed in the same way as the skin condition resembles the moles’ skin lesion category.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic offers new generation techniques of mole removal, skin tags removal, skin spots or facial lumps removal and wart removal, ensuring effective, quick and painless procedures such as radiosurgery and the revolutionary Nd:Yag laser therapies with scar-free and cosmetically satisfying results. 

Moreover, Renew Skin & Health Clinic provides free transportation for those from Nuneaton who want to have their moles or warts removed in Leamington Spa, ensuring payment for the travel mileage/train ticket/fare and the return journey if you’re travelling by car at 23p/mile, ONLY in the day of treatment, without including the consultation. Please note that the payment is offered in reasonable limit and does not refer to our valued clients who already receive free treatments due to their participation in our Research Projects. Do confirm your payment approval on the phone while scheduling your treatment date and if you need any other information, we are at your disposal!