People from Coventry are welcome to Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa to benefit from effective and safe minor surgery lipoma and sebaceous cysts treatments, performed by our fully qualified practitioners and consultant surgeons with years of experience in the field, and verifiable portfolios of results.

Lipomas are small accumulations of fat cells in thin, fibrous capsules that are moveable and have a rubbery consistency. They can appear anywhere on the body, but most often on the torso, neck, face and upper limbs. Their cause is not well-determined, however a genetic occurrence has been observed. Lipomas are non-cancerous skin growths and usually asymptomatic, so their removal is not necessarily mandatory. Nevertheless, there are situations in which lipomas will present symptoms, such as pain and tenderness, infections, foul-odor discharge, interfere with movement or function, increase in size over short periods of time, becoming highly unaesthetic and bothersome when you should immediately see a doctor.

Sebaceous cysts or epidermal cysts are small lumps that appear just beneath the skin, as lipomas, being in fact closed capsules containing keratin, a pasty looking substance, usually with a foul-smelling odor. Sebaceous cysts can appear anywhere on the body, being most present however on the face, neck and torso. Although these skin lesions are harmless, asymptomatic and slow-growing, in some situations infections may occur causing redness, tenderness, whitish foul-smelling discharge or increased temperature of the affected areas. When these symptoms are present, you may want to see a doctor to rule out any other conditions that resemble the sebaceous cyst aspect.

The private dermatologists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic are at your disposal, as a first examination and an accurate diagnose are the keys to an appropriate and successful treatment. If the skin lesions look suspicious, you will be further referred to a specialist who may recommend a biopsy procedure in order to rule out any possible risks. The minor surgery for lipoma and sebaceous cysts removal is performed under local anesthetic, hence is painless, and consists in an incisional cutting technique, similar to the incisional biopsy, through which the skin growth is removed and then the wound is closed with stitches, leaving a minimal scar (with sebaceous cysts, a partial excision is also possible, but this may determine recurrence so it is not usually recommended).

If you have questions or doubts about lipomas, sebaceous cysts or other dermatological conditions on your body, feel free to contact us at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic headquarters, even if you are from Coventry, as our GPs or private dermatologists will do everything they can to treat the skin condition, safely remove any lipomas or sebaceous cysts and ensure optimum aesthetic results. For more details about booking a consultation, please click here!