Minor surgical procedures and all minor surgeries including lumps and bumps

Plastic surgery deals with changing the shape or the appearance of a body part. It can be divided into two major branches: reconstructive surgery that has in view the restoring of tissue that has been destroyed or damaged and plastic surgery where the interest is in improving a body part, of any kind. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic surgical treatments are performed with success, from the most complicated to the minor interventions of removing any unsightly nodules, lumps or bumps.

Even for these small scale operations, where the side effects and the recovery time are reduced, you will require an experienced plastic surgeon like those from Renew Skin & Health Clinic. Although there are large differences in terms of healing abilities, these quick operations that do not have any hospitalisation or, in most cases the patient can leave after a few hours.

The operation of nodes (lumps) and swellings under the skin is an example of a minor surgical procedure, which presents a very low risk of complications or side effects. These operations can be performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, a clinic whose specialist team of plastic surgeons and other experienced surgeons who have a number of years of experience, together with the use of the latest equipment and professional products, offering safe and fantastic, long lasting results with the best cosmetic results.

The swellings under the skin represent a localised proliferation of fat cells in a small, thin and fibrous capsule. Under the name of Lipoma, they are situated below the skin and are commonly known in the lay term as lumps or bumps. The swellings under the skin have a soft aspect and are, in most cases, mobile and painless but definitely unattractive. The main causes of the apparition of the Lipoma are heredity and trauma and are formed by multiplication of number and volume of fat cells in a localised area. The lumps/bumps are frequent; they appear on the neck, shoulders, cheeks and limbs. They are commonly harmless and tend to grow very slowly. The procedure of removing these swellings under the skin is performed under local anaesthesia, it is a simple procedure and regardless of their size and their location the recovery is short. The outcome of such procedure is fantastic at Renew Skin and Health Clinic.

The treatment of removing these cysts (commonly known as sebaceous cyst) is similar to the above. These lumps are small swellings often filled with fluid and give a soft feel to these swellings. They appear as small round swellings and can be present anywhere on the body of a man or woman. The other type of benign swellings which are commonly present on the back or front of the wrist/hands, these swellings are commonly very small and they feel hard on palpation. These even occur on the knees, shoulders and other joints of the lower limbs. These lumps have to be examined by our Renew Skin and Health Clinic specialist to confirm their nature as some of these swellings can be cancerous. Over the years they can collect more fluid within them as the disease worsens so that their size can greatly increase.

The causes of these nodules are the inflammation of the joint capsule, the irritation of the tendon sheath, injuries or repetitive movements as those we make at work. Even if the lumps do not require treatment, normally they can become painful and they even can limit the activity. The recommended method is to come and see one of the specialists from Renew Skin & Health Clinic.

Anybody can have lumps or bumps, the most affected people are these adults aged between 15 and 45 years. The percentage of women that suffer from these Lipoma lumps are three times higher than the number of men. Still, we recommended that you attend a free consultation at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa.