People from Nuneaton are most welcome to Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa to have their lipomas or sebaceous cysts removed here as the minor surgery procedures are performed by fully qualified practitioners or consultant surgeons with years of experience in the field, so you are in good hands here!

Lipomas are small fat cells accumulations in thin, fibrous capsules, normally situated between the skin and the first muscle layer. These skin lesions are movable, soft, with a rubbery consistency, do not cause pain and grow very slowly in time or remain at the same size; the growths are also noncancerous, usually asymptomatic, that’s why removal is not mandatory. However, in some situations, they may suffer infections, becoming painful or tender, draining foul-smelling discharge, increasing in size and becoming highly unaesthetic and bothersome, situation in which you should immediately see a doctor for their removal.

Sebaceous cysts are small lumps filled with keratin, situated beneath the skin, generally manifesting on the face, neck and torso, but also in any other part of the body. Sebaceous cysts are caused by swollen hair follicles, skin trauma or impaired sebaceous glands. They are generally asymptomatic, but occasionally, infections may occur, when they become tender, painful, and red, there is a foul-smelling discharge from the lump and the temperature of the skin over the cysts increases. When you experience such symptoms you should definitely see a doctor for an appropriate treatment.

If the GP thinks the skin lesions is suspicious, you will be further referred to a specialist, who may recommend you a biopsy of the sebaceous cyst or lipoma, to rule out any other possible conditions that resemble the cysts. The minor surgery removal procedure is similar to the biopsy, except that with the latter, some adjacent tissue is also removed as a sample for further analysis. The procedure is carried out under local anesthetic, so it’s painless, it is also quick, not taking more than half an hour, but the closing of the treated area will require stitches, however, due to the plastic skills of our surgeons, the scar will be minimized.

If you’re dealing with lipomas or sebaceous cysts, simply schedule a consultation at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic headquarters, and benefit from an accurate diagnosis and minor surgery removal treatment and get rid of these unsightly skin lesions that cause you so much distress! People from Nuneaton are also welcome! For more contact information and consultation booking, please click here!