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Can minor surgery help with lump removal at Renew Clinic? What are the advantages of minor surgery for lumps removal?

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Answer for What does a minor surgery procedure treat in London? from Renew Skin Team
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Upon examination of your condition our Renew Skin and Health Clinics dermatology experts will be able to pinpoint an exact diagnosis and help you, after discussing the treatment possibilities and choose the correct way to proceed, but for most cases minor surgery is required. If you live in London, feel free to contact us about any kind of lump, bump or swelling that you might be presenting because some of them can indicate the presence of cancer and it is advised to act as fast as possible.
There are quite a few types of lumps and swellings but it now depends on what body part they appear, for instance lumps on the head have several causes, such as common injury, lipoma, which is a soft, moveable, painless growth under the skin, but is a benign tumor; dermatoid cysts which represent an overgrowth of normal tissue in an abnormal location and usually appear on the sides of the head and can be painful or become inflamed, thus requiring removal; sebaceous cysts, which are actually caused by blockages in the sebaceous glands - they are usually harmless and never malignant, but as the dermatoid cysts, they can become inflamed or infected or grow abnormally. Neck lumps are caused by enlarged lymph nodes which in their turn are due to bacterial or viral infections, the ones just underneath the jaw may be caused by infection or cancer, while lumps in muscles of the neck, which are usually located in the front area are caused by injury or torticollis. Neck lumps are also due to cysts or sebaceous cysts and the thyroid gland can also cause the appearance of one or more neck lumps, signaling a thyroid disease or cancer. Lastly there are the eyelid lumps that due to their unaesthetic appearance and the great discomfort they might cause, generally require removal through minor surgery. No matter what causes your lumps, you should always have them checked, as they might seem small and unimportant, but they can also suffer various alterations and develop severe complications.

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