Renew Skin & Health Clinic ensures safe, painless and highly effective minor surgery procedure performed under the close supervision of our fully qualified practitioners who have a vast experience in the field, as well as private dermatologists treatments for a wide variety of skin conditions, all these treatments being now available for people in Nuneaton as well.

The minor surgery procedures ensured at Renew Skin & Health Clinic are meant to ensure complete private health treatments for lipoma removal, sebaceous cysts removal, ingrown toenails removal, actinic keratosis removal, lumps, abscesses and other skin lumps, bumps and lesions. Although surgical, the minor surgery procedures are minimally invasive, painless, as we use local anesthetics, with minimized risks and complications and minimal scarring. The minor surgery treatments are also performed on a private day case surgery basis, requiring no hospitalization, which means that you can leave the clinic after the procedure with no risks involved.

Lipomas, sebaceous cysts, actinic keratosis, lumps and abscesses are generally harmless skin lesions and growths, but they can suffer complications and infections and thus require removal. Not to mention that these skin conditions can also be confused with various types of malignant conditions, that is why a specialized consultation is mandatory, so the GP or private dermatologist can set a clear diagnosis and cause and only based on that prescribe a suitable treatment, which recommends us a professionals in the field of medicine. If the skin growth or lesion looks suspicious at a first skin examination, you may be required to undergo a biopsy procedure and the results sent for further analysis to rule out any other complications, as mentioned above.

Depending on the diagnosis se by our Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialist, a minor surgical or non-surgical treatment will be applied for the effective and safe removal of the skin condition you are dealing with, but all the minor surgery treatments will ensure satisfying cosmetic results, are they are minimally invasive.

People in Nuneaton dealing with various skin conditions, including lipomas, warts, sebaceous cysts, actinic keratosis, lumps, abscesses, ingrown toenails can easily get rid of them with the help of the minor surgery procedures and treatments available at Renew Skin & Health Clinic. Our services are professional and client-oriented, personalized and individualized. Simply contact our Head Office on 01926 422 454, and schedule your minor surgery treatment/consultation with us, and our operators will give you all the necessary information.